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Vieux Lyon English tour

10,99 €           

Start to : Cathédrale Saint-Jean (Métro Vieux-Lyon)

Lyon would not be Lyon without the quenelles, the silk and the secret traboules passages that run through and interconnect the buildings away from the prying eyes and crowded streets!

Walk through them with us and (re)discover the history of these streets and squares, the origin of the bouchon lyonnais...marvel at the private mansions and their beautiful 16th century courtyards.
This tour will lead you through the secrets of the quartier Saint-Jean and the fairs of the Place du Change.
A word of advice: keep your chin up so as not to miss any of the architecture or the exquisite decorative sculptures !

Duration of the tour : 1h30
We use izi.TRAVEL technology. Thanks to download izi.TRAVEL app

Audio tour (izi.TRAVEL)

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